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Tuition Increases at LSU Alexandria

Released: 06/14/2003

<p> LSU Alexandria is 4-year now... and because of the change in status from a 2-year university to one that offers 4-year degrees, the legislature has mandated an increase in tuition at the university. <p></p> Beginning this fall, tuition for a full-time student with 12 or more hours will be $1,102.25. Tuition at the two-year level had been just under $800 per semester for a full-time student. Some students may incur additional lab and activities fees for some courses, which has always been in effect. <p></p> "Tuition at LSU Alexandria is still below current tuition and fees at other 4-year universities," said Chancellor Cavanaugh. "Most everyone knew that tuition would increase with our change in status," he said. "But we will continue to look at every possible way to keep higher education affordable for everyone in central Louisiana." <p></p> For information about LSU Alexandria, visit us on the web at or phone (318) 445-3672 or toll free at 1-888-473-6417. </p>