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Two Endowed Professorships Awarded at LSU Alexandria

Released: 06/19/2003

<p> Chancellor Robert Cavanaugh recently awarded two endowed professorships to members of the LSU Alexandria faculty. The Cliffe E. Laborde, Sr. Endowed Professorship, which is one of the University&acute;s newest professorships, was awarded for the first time. The J. H. Johnson Endowed Professorship in Business Administration was also awarded. <p></p> The Cliffe Laborde Professorship was awarded to assistant professor Dr. Callum Johnston. A faculty member at LSU Alexandria since January of 2001, Dr. Johnston serves as department chair for Education and Social Sciences and is the program director for Early Childhood Education. He serves on various campus committees including the Early Childhood Education committee (chairman) , Elementary Education committee (co-chair), Committee on Committees member, and he chairs the Student Affairs Committee and the Student Aid and Scholarships committee. Dr. Johnston is involved in early childhood education organizations and activities at the local, state, regional, national and international levels-and he has made numerous presentations on various early childhood topics. <p></p>

The Cliffe E. Laborde, Sr. Endowed Professorship in Education was established last year by Lucien and Peggy Laborde of Avoyelles Parish in memory of Mr. Laborde&acute;s father, Cliffe Laborde. Cliffe Laborde served at the superintendent of schools for Avoyelles Parish and successfully consolidated seventy-three small schools into twelve high schools--thus offering a high school education to all children of the parish by 1926. He was an outstanding advocate for education at all levels, and his son has continued that outstanding support of education. <p></p>

The J.H. Johnson Professorship was awarded to Dr. Warren Bilotta. A faculty member at LSU Alexandria since August of 2001, Dr. Bilotta holds the rank of assistant professor. He serves on various campus committees including the Faculty/Staff Development Committee, the Liberal Studies Bachelor&acute;s degree committee, the Committee on Committees, the Bolton Award Committee and the Committee on Instruction. <p></p>

The J.H. Johnson Endowed Professorship in Business Administration was established in 1996 by Mrs. Vinita Johnson Martin in memory of her late husband, John Herbert Johnson. <p></p>

Mr. Johnson came to Alexandria from Chicago many years ago, took over a failed poultry packing company and built it into a multi-million dollar success. <p></p>

According to Charlie Weems, local member of the LSU Board of Supervisors, Herb Johnson "was the epitome of the great American success story...because he never forgot the value of hard work and a good education." Appropriately, the professorship in business administration was established in his memory. Mrs. Martin recently establish a second endowed professorship that should be awarded next fall, The Roy and Vinita Martin Endowed Professorship in Math and Sciences. <p></p>

The LSUA Foundation now has 13 endowed professorships available to faculty members. Endowed professorships are made possible through a private gift of $60,000 to the LSUA Foundation which is matched the Board of Regents Support Fund with $40,000 to make a $100,000 endowment. Only the interest earned on the account is expended for the two year period which the professorship is held. <p></p>

Faculty members who are awarded professorships receive a salary supplement as well as funds for equipment or development activities. These awards are worth approximately $10,000 over the two year period for the faculty members. <p></p>

For more information about the Endowed Professorship program at LSU Alexandria, contact Melissa LaBorde, director of the LSUA Foundation at (318) 473-6472. </p>