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Student information potentially viewed by unauthorized individual

Released: 09/22/2006

Earlier this week, LSUA campus officials were made aware of an unauthorized access to select student records on campus. This incident is still under investigation both on campus as well as through the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office.

LSUA is currently in the process of determining how many students might be affected and how much information may have been accessed. The University is sending out notices to all students whose information was involved to inform them of the incident and a special website will be available soon with more information.

According to LSU Alexandria Director of IET Services, Deron Thaxton, the University’s computer security system remains intact and this appears to be an isolated incident. This incident did not result from someone hacking in to LSUA's computer system.

The following letter is the notification that will be received by all students whose records may be involved in this incident.

<blockquote>As part of the student admissions, registration and fee payment process you previously provided LSU Alexandria with selected personal identification information. This personal information minimally included your full name and your social security number.

LSUA vigorously protects the confidentiality of the information that it receives. Unfortunately we recently discovered that an individual obtained some confidential information without authorization. We are still investigating this violation. Unauthorized access to your personal information may have occurred. At this point, we have no indication that this information has been used or distributed; however, we do know it was possibly viewed by an unauthorized individual.

We are working to establish a special website for past and present students like you to determine whether and to what extent their information was compromised by this unauthorized access. Details on this special website will be available soon on our main website.

We take your privacy very seriously and are taking steps to mitigate the potential for adverse consequences. Please let us know immediately if you have reason to believe that your personal information has been improperly used. Because your social security number may have been involved, please diligently monitor all your transactions and accounts at LSUA and with others such as banks, credit cards, and merchants for accuracy.</blockquote>