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Released: 02/16/2004

<p> LSU Alexandria’s Empty Space Players will present an evening of “postmodern theatre,” including the premiere of a new play by Belle Rollins of Pineville, an LSU Alexandria student and adjunct instructor, who is also a licensed social worker and an Episcopal deacon. <p/> <p>The program is titled Lost and Found, and will include J. M. Synge’s Riders to the Sea, Rollins’ The Greening (drawn from her experiences when a family cat was lost), and an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s short story, “Chivalry,” about the finding of the Holy Grail. “All three examine aspects of loss and of discovery,” said Jim Stacy, director of theatre at LSU Alexandria. <p/> <p>The show will open Friday, Feb. 27, at the traditional 1:30 matinee, with another performance at 7:30 that evening. Other 7:30 p.m. performances are scheduled for Feb. 28 and March 1 and 2. There will be a 2:30 matinee Sunday, Feb. 29. The show is being presented in Room 205 of the P.E. Building. Admission prices are $8 for the general public, $3 for LSU Alexandria students, and $5 for all other students, senior adults, and LSU Alexandria faculty and staff. Reservations are required by phoning Dr. Stacy at 473-6467. <p/> <p>The idea for the evening was the result of Stacy’s reading of Rollins’ one-act play and of a fall semester class called Performance Composition. One of the “isms” discussed in that course was “postmodernism,” in which the faithful presentation of a fictional script is not the chief goal of the theatrical artist. Instead, focus goes to the autobiographical concerns of all the creators, to visual theatricalization, and in radical cases, to deconstruction of the script. <p/> <p>“We are taking our postmodernism in a mild to moderate dose,” Stacy said. “We will involve Belle as a significant element of the evening; she was inspired by the first piece, wrote the second one, and became the biggest fan of the third one when it was presented in class.” <p/> <p>The major creative challenge was to find ways to interweave all three pieces so that recurring elements reverberate throughout the evening. “Don’t be surprised to find a character from The Greening straying through Riders to the Sea or props from the first show surfacing in the second,” said Stacy. <p/> <p>The cast includes Sam Hathorn of Alexandria, John Hebert of Deville, Aimee Hodges of Alexandria, Catherine Jones of Alexandria, Lisa Mayeux of Marksville, Jennifer McKay of Boyce, Cassandra Mealer and Margaret Mealer, both of Alexandria, Adam Noles and Alex Noles, both of Alexandria and Belle Rollins of Pineville. Each actor will appear in two of the three plays presented. <p/> <p>John Hebert is serving as rehearsal stage manager joined by Jessica Rambo of Pineville as production stage manager. Courtney Dixon of Alexandria is the technical director with the set designed and built by Darrell Voelker of Bunkie. Properties Coordinators are Rhonda Street and Sabrina Street, both of Bentley, and the construction crew includes James Doucet of Oakdale, Cody Dunn of Lecompte, Bobby Johnson of St. Landry, and Anthony McGrew of Boyce. <p/> <P>For more information about this production and to make reservations, contact Dr. Jim Stacy at (318) 473-6467. <p/>