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Cotton, Woodin honored in proclamation

Released: 06/19/2006

Alexandria Mayor Ned Randolph has proclaimed the month of June in honor of William Cotton Sr. and Martin Woodin – two men who recently passed away but were instrumental in the growth and success of LSU Alexandria.

Woodin served as the university’s first dean, now chancellor, from 1960-62, greatly impacting the university’s progression and success and benefiting Central Louisiana. During his tenure as an LSU System administrator, several higher education facilities were established in Louisiana, increasing the access to higher education for the residents of Louisiana.

Cotton was instrumental in founding LSU Alexandria, diligently and successfully working with the governor and state Legislature to construct a higher education institution in Alexandria. In addition, his ongoing support greatly impacted LSUA’s future development.

“The collective support of Mr. Cotton Sr. and Dr. Woodin immensely aided in LSU at Alexandria’s successful endeavor to advance to the status of a four-year baccalaureate-degree granting institution, thus further enhancing Central Louisiana,” Randolph’s proclamation states.

“The student body at LSU at Alexandria as well as the citizenry of Central Louisiana continues to benefit from the unselfish and tireless efforts of Mr. Cotton Sr. and Dr. Woodin to ensure that maximum academic initiatives, opportunities and programs exist for the attainment of scholarly achievement.”

The proclamation also states that their “years of service and commitment to higher education is to be celebrated, commended and revered without excuse in addition to the fact that their consistent and exemplary demonstration of strong character, honor and leadership construct a legacy that citizens across the state of Louisiana should strive to attain.”

Randolph on June 1 signed the proclamation naming the month as “William Cotton Sr. and Martin Woodin Month.”