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Released: 02/11/2004

<p>Official enrollment numbers are in, and LSU Alexandria has a record enrollment for a spring semester with 3049 students. This reflects a 1 per cent increase in enrollment over last year at this time. <p/> <p>“We are very happy to see an increase in enrollment for this spring,” said LSU Alexandria registrar Leslie Quinn. “LSU Alexandria has seen significant increases in enrollment over four of the past five semesters. As the pool of potential college students continues to shrink and the competition for students increases, enrollment numbers continue to be crucial to the success of any state university.” <p/> <p>LSU Alexandria chancellor, Dr. Robert Cavanaugh, attributes the enrollment increase to the new four year offerings. “The people of central Louisiana have a very real need for four year degrees, and LSU Alexandria can now provide those degrees,” Cavanaugh said. “I think people are excited to be part of this important time at the university, and we will do everything we can to provide students the opportunities they deserve for four-year degrees.” <p/> <p>LSU Alexandria is in the process of developing additional majors and four-year degrees for our students. <p/> <p>LSU Alexandria received approval from the Louisiana Legislature to offer four-year degrees on June 5, 2001. The school recently completed its request for substantive change to the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools which is the university’s accrediting agency. LSU Alexandria awarded its first baccalaureate degrees in December 2003. <p/>