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Create a new e-mail alias at my.LSUA

Released: 01/26/2006

Is your LSUA e-mail address too complicated for your friends to remember? The university is letting students and employees create a new e-mail “alias.”

The new alias will not replace your LSUA e-mail address. You still must use your primary user ID to log in to all LSUA computers and Web sites.

Once you set up a new alias, however, your friends will be able to e-mail you at your new, easy-to-remember address. All of your e-mail mail – those addressed to your alias as well as those to your traditional LSUA address – will be routed to your original login.

To create an alias, go to my.lsua and click on Create Alias under my.Mail. Follow the instructions to choose your new name. Duplicates will not be allowed, so students are encouraged to sign up early.