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Exercise caution around construction sites

Released: 07/13/2005

LSU Alexandria officials are asking students and visitors to exercise caution around construction zones on campus. Several projects are under way, including renovation to the Science Building, re-roofing on Oakland Hall, construction of new tennis courts behind the Fitness Center and remodeling at the Student Center. University officials ask that students, staff, faculty and visitors pay attention to the orange fences and caution tape at the work sites. The tape and fencing is designed to keep people away from potentially dangerous areas, so extreme caution is urged. People are asked to report unsafe conditions or acts to the campus safety officer at 473-6515. The Science Building project is one of the biggest on campus. The project entails renovating the building in sections. For now, workers are concentrating on the west wing of the second floor, which is off-limits to visitors. After this phase is complete, work will begin on the east end of the second floor. Each phase should take about six months, so the project should be complete in two years. Meanwhile, work is progressing on new tennis courts behind the Fitness Center. The four, lighted courts should be open by the end of summer. The re-roofing project at Oakland Hall is expected to be finished in about two weeks. The second floor of the Student Center’s West Wing is being remodeled to make way for a new Advising Center on campus.