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University Gallery to host international exhibit

Released: 04/19/2005

LSU Alexandria’s University Gallery is hosting an exhibit of sculpture by renowned contemporary Greek artist Yanni Souvatzoglou beginning Friday.

Souvatzoglou is a prize-winning artist whose pieces depict athletes, dancers, philosophers and ordinary people in motion. The work will be on display through May 19, and all 26 pieces will be available for purchase.

“LSUA is pleased and proud to have reached the level of presenting art from an international perspective,” said Roy V. de Ville, LSU Alexandria professor and University Gallery director. “We plan this exhibit as the first in the continued growth of our gallery.”

The son of a Greek cotton merchant, Souvatzoglou began his art studies in Athens at an early age. He entered his first junior exhibition at age 12, receiving favorable reviews for his paintings. He continued his formal studies, combining his abilities and interests in both graphic art and photography. It is then that he began to develop a process of three-dimensional imagery that would become the basis of his mature artistic style.

Today, Souvatzoglou works primarily as a sculptor. His media includes clay, bronze, silver, gold, stone, marble and Plexiglas.

The featured work at the LSU Alexandria show is a 16-inch bronze-and-glass piece titled “Horse of Troi,” which represents Souvatzoglou’s vision of the corporate world. “The Three Graces” is an 8.9-inch bronze that portrays three ladies in the process of shaping thought.

The 17-inch “Bridge” illustrates a figure in the act of trying to connect two opposite sides, and “Demetra” is a 12-inch bronze that represents the goddess of Greek mythology who was responsible for the fertility of the garden and growth of plants.

The University Gallery will be open during the Shakespeare-on-the-Green festival this weekend, April 22-23. Regular gallery hours are weekdays from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

For more information, call 473-6449.