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Five new majors offered at LSU Alexandria

Released: 01/07/2005

LSU Alexandria will offer five more four-year degree options when the university begins its new semester later this month.

For the first time this semester, the university is offering the Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree with majors in history, mathematics, theatre, English or speech.

The five new majors bring to 10 the total number of four-year degree options that are available on campus since LSU Alexandria was granted four-year status in 2001.

Other four-year degrees at LSU Alexandria are the Bachelor of General Studies, Bachelor of Liberal Studies (business major), Bachelor of Liberal Studies (psychology major), Bachelor of Science in Biology and Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. The university also offers a variety of associate degree programs.

Chancellor Robert Cavanaugh is pleased with the new majors and sees the benefits offered to students and to the community.

“These new offerings will obviously benefit our students by giving them a variety of areas to study for a four-year degree,” Cavanaugh said. “But it will also enhance the community as the university continues to expand and meet the needs of the area employers. I am confident that additional majors and degrees will be coming to LSU Alexandria in the near future.” Registration for the Spring Semester is Jan. 12 and 13. Classes begin on Jan. 18.