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Photo exhibit features hands of 'Unity"

Released: 12/06/2004

A new photography exhibit at the University Gallery at LSU Alexandria captures the emotions that a single hand can produce.

The photos were taken by student Jessica M. Double, an art therapy major from Lecompte, as part of the Special Studies in Photography class taught by Professor Roy deVille. Her 15 pieces are hand-painted, black-and-white photographs that feature hands in various forms and positions. She titles the project “Unity.” “I think hands represent a lot in the world. They can cause destruction or bring about peace,” she said. “I want to capture the emotions and feelings a single hand can bring to a person.”

For example, one of her works shows “three different people of three different backgrounds” holding hands over water. This represents the different nations of the world coming together, Double said.

The exhibit will be on display through the end of the semester and includes works from other LSU Alexandria students. Jessica Parker has two mixed-media pieces and Peggy Parker, Jessica Barnes and Sheila Hudson each have hand-colored photography entries. Black-and-white photography entries from another photography class also are on display and feature the works of students Bart Wilson, Mandy Taylor, Bobby Johnson, Ashley Ware, Stephanie Watts, Danielle Doyle, Dustin Helverson, Emily Wilk, Andria Lofton, Keith Chapman, Troy Nasello and Kendra Lawson.

The Gallery is located in the West Wing of the Student Center near the bookstore. It is open on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.