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Endowed professorships awarded

Released: 09/24/2004

Three LSU Alexandria faculty members started the fall semester with a little something extra. They each were awarded endowed professorships that give them additional funds for professional development, travel or equipment to aide their jobs this semester. The recipients include a biology professor who has taught at LSU Alexandria for more than 20 years, a history professor who helped organize the campus’ first Red River Civil War Symposium and an English professor instrumental in starting the college’s first exchange program. Endowed professorships, awarded on a competitive basis, are made possible through private gifts to the LSUA Foundation and matching funds from the Louisiana Board of Regents Support Fund. The Huie-Dellmon Trust Endowed Professorship in Science was awarded to veteran biology professor Dr. David Huey. His research specializations include aquatic toxicology, comparative physiology and aquaculture, which each have practical applications in this region of the state. Huey said he plans to use his endowed professorship funds to attend scientific meetings in his area of expertise and to visit other universities where fish physiology and aquatic toxicology research is being conducted. The Huie-Dellmon Trust Endowed Professorship in Science was established in 1994. The Mark Eugene Howard Endowed Professorship in Liberal Arts went to Dr. Annette Olsen-Fazi, an associate professor of English who has been with LSU Alexandria since 2002. During that time she organized an international agreement that brought 12 Canadian students and chaperones to campus for the first exchange program. She will accompany LSU Alexandria students to Quebec this spring as part of the exchange agreement. Olsen-Fazi said she will use her endowed professorship funds to travel to France to establish a European exchange agreement with the Catholic University of the West. Mrs. Virginia M. Howard of Pineville established the Mark Eugene Howard Professorship in Liberal Arts in 1994 in memory of her husband. The Frances Holt Freedman Endowed Professorship in the History and Ethics of Nursing was awarded to Dr. Henry Robertson, an associate professor of geography and history at LSU Alexandria since 1998. He is a life member of the Louisiana Historical Association and a member of the North Louisiana Historical Association and the Simms Society, which focuses on Antebellum Southern Literature. Robertson, who earned a West Point Military History Fellowship in 2002, helped organize the Red River Civil War Symposium last semester. He said he plans to use his endowed professorship funds to provide travel for guest speakers for the History and Ethics of Nursing course. Local cardiologist Dr. Robin Freedman and his wife, Nydia, established the professorship in 1995 memory of Dr. Freedman’s mother.