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LSU Alexandria students support new athletic program

Released: 09/20/2004

LSU Alexandria students voted to approve a plan that could bring intercollegiate sports back to campus as early as Fall 2006. The Student Athletics Vote, conducted all last week, gave students the chance to decide whether they are willing to pay a fee of $3.50 per credit hour toward new athletic programs. The proposal was approved by a more than 2-1 margin, with 328 students supporting the fee assessment and 144 voting against it. The fee assessment proposal will next be put before the Student Government Association, which has already promised it would approve the fee increase if a majority of students were in favor of it, SGA President Jennie Monk said. The SGA resolution would then go before the LSU Board of Supervisors, then the Louisiana Board of Regents. If approved, LSU Alexandria could offer men’s baseball and women’s fast-pitch softball as early as the fall of 2006, said Dan Purvis, coordinator of student activities/intramurals. It would be the first intercollegiate sports program since the mid-1980s, when the college’s baseball, softball and basketball teams were disbanded for budget reasons. Most four-colleges in Louisiana offer some type of athletic programs. “I feel like it’s an idea whose time has come,” Chancellor Dr. Robert Cavanaugh said. “I think it’s a part of the student activity package that we need to have.”