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Released: 08/11/1997

<p> The James C. Bolton Library at Louisiana State University at Alexandria has received two limited edition lithographic prints, signed and numbered by the artists, given as gifts to acknowledge the humanitarian work of the University. This gift was made possible by the generous contribution of Mr. Mauricio Olivares. </p><p> The prints are part of a series based on the best-selling fiction works of American writer and humanitarian, the late L. Ron Hubbard. Several years ago Author Services, which represents the literary, theatrical and musical works of Mr. Hubbard, commissioned leading artists from around the world to depict scenes for his high adventure science fiction epic Battlefield Earth and his futuristic social satire, the Mission Earth dekalogy (ten volumes). </p><p>

L. Ron Hubbard always held artists in high esteem and wrote, "A culture is only as great as its dreams and its dreams are dreamed by artists." </p><p> These images are reproduced using a unique continuous tone printing process requiring multiple separate print runs. It was printed by Black Box Collotype, the only company in the United States that employs this state of the art lithographic process. </p><p> The prints are valued at $200 each and will be displayed in the Bolton Library where they can be seen by others to encourage them in the fields of the humanities and arts. </p><p>

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