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Released: 09/10/1997

The Bolton Library will show an exhibit of the USPS classic American doll stamps beginning in January. In conjunction with the exhibit, the library would like to ask people from the community to lend dolls for the display that are similar to the ones portrayed in the stamps or manufactured in the same time periods.

<p> The dolls on the USPS stamp collection are the Ludwig Greiner doll of 1858; the "Alabama Baby" and "Martha Chase" dolls made from 1890-1925; "Baby Coos" made in the 1930s; "The Columbian Doll", which was produced from 1893 to 1910; "Plains Indian" doll made in the 1920s; "Betsy McCall" made in the 1960s; "Raggedy Ann" made in the 1940s; "Izannah Walker" made in 1873; "Skippy" doll from the 1930s; "Babyland Rag" made from 1893 to 1928; "American Child" manufactured starting in the 1920s; "Maggie Mix-Up" produced in 1960; "Scootles" a 1920s product; and "Albert Schoenhut" shown in 1911. </p>