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Released: 11/19/1997

<p> conference focusing on high school, business and public service partnerships will be held at Louisiana State University at Alexandria on Tuesday and Wednesday, December 2 and 3. The event, which is part of a statewide observance of Community and Junior College Awareness Month, will focus on discussion of how educational institutions can best prepare students for the real world of work, particularly through partnerships with businesses. </p><p> Faculty members and administrators from Louisiana&acute;s seven two-year colleges will meet on Dec. 2 for a panel discussion of 2-year programs in computer technology, criminal justice, fire science, management, and paralegal studies as well as the LSUA Senior College program in business. </p><p> Leaders from business will join the faculty members for dinner and discussion at 6 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Alexandria. Business leaders will share current employer needs and discuss how educational preparation can help meet those needs. </p><p> On Dec. 3, college faculty and high school faculty from a 16 parish area will have an opportunity to hear from experts on workforce training needs. Featured speakers invited to participate include Chris Weaver, executive director of the Louisiana Workforce Commission; Representative Charlie DeWitt, chair, House Labor Committee; and Charles S. Weems, III, vice chairman of the LSU Board of Supervisors. </p><p> The conference is being organized by LSUA, LSUE, the Central Louisiana School-to-Work Alliance, and the Cajun Heartland School-to-Work Alliance. </p><p> For more information, contact Dr. Randy Stovall at 473-6446. </p><p>

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