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LSU Alexandria Adds Online Non-Credit Courses and Expands Continuing Education Schedule

Released: 08/25/2003

LSU Alexandria Continuing Education has added an online option to its offering of non-credit classes this Fall. <p> “Understanding that sometimes the traditional classroom is not always the most convenient way to learn, we’ve partnered with Gatlin Education Services to provide online courses,” said Lafe Jone, director of Continuing Education. </p><p> The LSU Alexandria non-credit online program is designed to provide the skills necessary to acquire professional caliber positions for many in-demand occupations, all within a three-month delivery window. The courses are all open enrollment and interactive.

</p><p>“With our non-credit online courses, participants can learn on their own time and still gain the edge needed to succeed,” Jones said. </p><p> Some of the online non-credit courses being offered include: Medical Transcription, Advanced Coding for the Physician’s Office, Microsoft Certification Programs, Cisco CCNA </p><p> Certification, A+ Certification, Webmaster Certification, AutoCAD, Certified Bookkeeper, travel Agent Certification Preparation, and more. </p><p> In addition to its new online program, Continuing Education has expanded its Short Course schedule to include more than 70 classes, with special series for paralegal training, human resource professionals and marketing/public relations/sales professionals.

</p><p>“We have everything from hobby courses to classes that help business professionals meet continuing education needs and requirements,” said, Karen Hamilton, Continuing Education program coordinator. “Our non-credit class schedule now has a larger number of classes that covers topics such as Resume Writing, Microsoft Excel, creating Stained Glass or Cartooning, which is taught by local artist Maurice LaRochelle.” </p><p> Hamilton said Short Courses are a great way to learn new skills or just to use as a refresher for business professionals and others. Short Courses offer people the opportunity to take classes that are scheduled to take place in one day or over a series of days for a shorter amount of time. The categories of classes include Computer & Technology Training, Personal Enrichment, Certification/Permits Exam Preparation & License Renewal, Insurance and Financial Consortium, Professional Development, Money & Investment Management, Water & Wellness. </p><p> If you would like to receive a Fall Continuing Education Newsletter, call (318) 473-6495, or send an e-mail to For more information on specific classes, log on to</p>