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Released: 02/28/1998

<p> Louisiana State University at Alexandria will offer two Coffee Calls in March. Coffee Calls are opportunities to meet with faculty members for coffee and conversation in their field of study. These sessions are brought to you as a public service at no charge and are sponsored by the Bank of Lecompte. Pre-registration is required by calling 473-6445 or 473-6495. </p><p> On Monday, March 2, Dr. Seth Bovey, associate professor of English, will present "Hollywood&acute;s Native American: Western Films and the Noble Red Man" from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. on the LSUA campus. This session will include film clips and discussion on this topic. Dr. Bovey has published several papers on Western films and his interest in the way in which Native Americans are portrayed in film and literature began while he was in graduate school. </p><p> The second Coffee Call is "Louisiana Power and Light Chautauqua" being led by Dr. Bernard Gallagher, professor of English. It will meet on Tuesday, March 17, from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. on the LSUA Campus. </p><p> Dr. Gallagher will explore John Dufresne&acute;s novel, a bittersweet story of the never-do-well Fontanas from Monroe, Louisiana. It is a funny, sad book and Dufresne is both droll and articulate. You may want to make an effort to read the book before you attend. </p><p> For more information or to register, call the LSUA Office of Short Courses and Conferences at 473-6445 or 473-6495 </p>