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Released: 03/12/1998

<p> Dr. Thomas Awtry, assistant professor of mathematics at LSUA, has received a grant from the Louisiana Systemic Initiatives Program (LaSIP). The grant titled "Central Louisiana Elementary Education Mathematics Project," totals $110,133 and is directed to math teachers of grades 2-4. Of the 14 grants submitted this is the only one directed to mathematics and the first grant to be focused on the elementary school level in Central Louisiana. The basis of his LaSIP project developed from an LSUA Instructional Improvement Incentive Grant Dr. Awtry wrote in 1996. The grant, "Improvement of Elementary Education Mathematics Instruction," designed, implemented, and provided materials for two elementary education math courses offered at LSUA. </p><p> "I wrote the LaSIP grant because I think LSUA can become a resource to area wide teachers and for education in general," Dr Awtry said. " Teachers need training and help, and I believe LSUA can meet that need." </p>