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Released: 05/14/1998

<p> LSUA has added Spanish 1001 to the 1998 summer schedule in response to changes in Louisiana&acute;s Tuition Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS). The Legislature passed several changes to the TOPS scholarship program in the just-concluded Special Legislative Session, changes which may help more students become eligible for the program. </p><p> The original scholarship criteria required that two credits of a foreign language be earned in high school, but some students, while otherwise eligible, were not able to meet the foreign language requirement. This year&acute;s changes to the law might make it possible for those students, as long as they remain eligible for TOPS, to receive a scholarship. </p><p> Specifically, the new law will allow 1997 and 1998 high school graduates who did not earn any high school foreign language credit, but who maintain eligibility for the TOPS program, to become eligible by taking one semester of a college foreign language course. LSUA has added the basic Spanish course to the summer schedule to help meet that requirement. </p><p> The course will be offered during the "B" term, with classes beginning Thursday, July 9, and ending Friday, July 31. The final examination will be held the following week at a time to be announced by the instructor. Currently enrolled students interested in taking the class should contact their faculty advisor or division office after June 11. Individuals interested in the course who are not </p><p> currently enrolled should contact the Office of Admissions at 473-6416 or toll-free at 1-888-473-6417. </p><p>Questions about the TOPS scholarship program should be directed to Mr. Raymond Boswell at the LSUA Office of Student Aid and Scholarships at 473-6423. Other information about LSUA schedules and specific programs can be found on the Internet at Registration for the LSUA summer term is scheduled for Tuesday, June 9. </p>