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Released: 05/19/1998

<p> Faculty and staff at Louisiana State University at Alexandria were honored recently for years of service ranging from five to 30 years. Those employees who have been at LSUA five, 15, or 30 years received certificates of appreciation. Those with 10, 20, or 25 years of service received a service pin. </p><p> Receiving certificates for five years of service were Dr. Seth Bovey, associate professor, English; Dr. Bernard Gallagher, professor, English; Russell Gauthier, university admissions analyst; Dr. Eamon Halpin, associate professor, English; Patricia Hoyt, assistant to the director of accounting; Howard Jones, guard; Melissa Laborde, director, institutional advancement; Patricia Nalezinek, university admissions analyst; Karen Norman, secretary 2; Carolyn Voelker, associate professor, nursing; James Watson, director, physical plant. </p><p> Linda Ainsworth, associate professor, nursing; Brenda Ellington, assistant professor and Kim Herrington, associate professor, nursing received pins for ten years of service. </p><p> Employees with 15 years of service were Billie Hebert, associate professor, nursing; Dr. David Huey, professor, biology; Priscilla Jeansonne, assistant professor, nursing and Keith Poret, police officer 2. Recognition for twenty years of service went to Floyd Bennett, associate librarian; Mary Connell, associate professor, books and libraries and associate librarian; Geraldine </p><p> Guillory, associate professor, nursing and Dr. Steve Vanderslice, professor, English and philosophy. </p><p> Dottye Morton, associate professor, nursing was honored for 25 years of service at LSUA. </p><p>