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Released: 07/07/1998

<p> Two LSUA faculty members received medals for excellence for teaching at the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence. Sue Haynes, MSN, associate professor in nursing, and Brenda Ellington, associate professor, received their medals at the annual conference held in Austin, Texas. </p><p> To be considered for the teaching awards, nominees submitted a statement of their teaching philosophy, a photograph of them working one-on-one with a student or group of students, and a video by each recipient which addressed the questions "Why do I teach/work at a community college? and How do I reach community college students in my teaching/work?" </p><p> In addition to the medal winners, two LSUA faculty members participated in the programming at the conference. Dr. Randall Stovall, vice chancellor for academic affairs, and Dr. James Nicholson, associate professor of physics, made a scholarly presentation at the conference titled "LSUA: Instructional Technology Planning and Case Study." </p><p> The presentation--a case study-- showed how compressed video instruction was implemented and what lessons have been learned so far at LSUA. </p><p> "All colleges face the challenge of providing current instructional technologies for faculty and students to enhance teaching and learning," Dr. Stovall said. "Our presentation provided a simple but effective solution to the conflicting needs for continuous upgrading and funding of those upgrades on a public college campus." </p><p> NISOD supports the pursuit of excellence in teaching and leadership at its more than 600 member colleges throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and around the world. This conference is the largest of its kind, celebrating excellence that promotes student success. </p><p> For more information about NISOD or LSUA&acute;s use of technology in the classroom, contact Dr. Randall Stovall at (318) 473-6446. </p>