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Released: 10/07/1998

<p> The James C. Bolton Library at Louisiana State University at Alexandria will host two special programs to honor the 80th anniversary of Armistice Day which ended World War I. </p><p> The first program will be on Armistice Day, now known as Veteran&acute;s Day, which is November 11. The program will include two presentations along with photographs provided by the War Department. Dr. Jerry Sanson, professor of history and political science, will speak about World War I and Dr. Bernard Gallagher, professor of English, will discuss the literature of the period. The event will take place at noon on the campus at the LSUA Library and the public is invited to attend. </p><p> The second event will be a reception honoring veterans of World War I and their children on Sunday, November 15. The program will be held at 2 p.m. at Camp Beauregard in the Louisiana Maneuvers and Military Museum. The event is open to the public. </p><p> The program organizers would like to include and honor all of central Louisiana&acute;s World War I veterans at this reception. Veterans as well as children of veterans who would like to share memories of the era are encouraged to contact Dr. Anna Burns at 473-6437. </p><p> Artifacts from World War I will be displayed beginning October 5 at the LSUA Bolton Library and at the Louisiana Maneuvers Museum. Anyone with memorabilia appropriate for display should contact Dr. Burns at 473-6437 or the Military Museum at 641-8333. </p><p> These programs honoring the 80th Anniversary of Armistice Day are sponsored by LSUA, The Friends of the James C. Bolton Library, The Louisiana Maneuvers Museum, Louisiana National Guard and the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities. For more information contact Dr. Burns at 473-6437. </p>