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Released: 11/16/1998

<p> Mike Abbiatti, associate deputy commissioner for instructional technology for the Louisiana Board of Regents, will visit LSUA tomorrow to certify the University&acute;s second distance learning classroom. The certification will be held at 1:30 p.m. in the Science Building, Room 212. </p><p> In keeping with their commitment to improving technology and making higher education more accessible, the state Legislature has funded distance learning classrooms at each Louisiana university. These classrooms provide a network that links Louisiana&acute;s higher education institutions together and thus enhances offerings and accessibility. Additional funding for the LSUA classroom was secured through a competitive grant through the Board of Regents. </p><p> According to Teresa Seymour, associate director of continuing education and technology, LSUA currently offers 12 credit courses through the distance learning classrooms. Offerings are not limited to credit courses. </p><p> "We have offered several continuing education opportunities through the distance learning classrooms," Ms. Seymour said. "And we have been contacted by numerous professional </p><p> organizations from throughout central Louisiana expressing interest in using the facility for continuing education and staff development opportunities." </p><p> Tuesday&acute;s certification will officially bring the classroom on-line for operation. For more information concerning instructional technology or the distance learning classrooms at LSUA, contact Ms. Seymour at 473-6566. </p>