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Released: 01/26/1999

<p> Louisiana State University at Alexandria is planning an eight day study program in the Amazon in conjunction with an ecology of rainforests course. The trip, scheduled for May 29- June 5, will include land and water jungle excursions with experienced Peruvian bilingual guides. These excursions will provide first hand opportunities to learn about plant and animal communities. Participants will visit the 250,000-acre Amazon Wildlife Reserve, learn about current rainforest research, and explore the treetops on the 150 feet ACEER Canopy Walkway. They will also visit with the native people and observe the culture in the region. </p><p> The program will be led by Dr. Carol Corbat, associate professor of Biology, who has visited the area before. </p><p> "It&acute;s a fascinating trip," Dr. Corbat said. "You are able to see a beautiful area of the world that is rapidly being destroyed, and you can experience a culture vastly different from anything here in the United States." </p><p> The trip costs $2063 and includes predeparture information, air transportation from Miami, scheduled transportation in Peru, all accommodations, meals, hotel charges, all transfers and airport departure taxes. </p><p> An optional five day extension to the heart of the Inca Empire, Cusco and Machu Picchu will also be offered at an additional cost. The program will be offered as a credit or non-credit course. </p><p> For more information on the course, contact Dr. Carol Corbat at 473-6496. </p>