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Released: 02/09/1999

<p> Dr. Jerry Sanson, professor of history and political science at Louisiana State University at Alexandria, has written a book titled Louisiana During World War II. The historical book studies the politics, economic development, education, agriculture and society in Louisiana from 1939 to 1945. </p><p> This comprehensive account of Louisiana life depicts the political struggles between anti-Longites and Longites and the drastic change in the statehouse. It portrays the increases in agricultural mechanization and industrial production and the modification of the school systems to accommodate the war. Dr. Sanson also explores the changes in everyday life in response to shortages, war bonds, and increase in job opportunities. </p><p> Dr. Sanson has been researching this topic since 1975. "Two of my uncles were killed in the war, and I wanted to learn more about the war that cost them their lives," said Dr. Sanson, "but it&acute;s a phase in Louisiana history that no one else has studied." </p><p> Louisiana During World War II will be published by LSU Press in July. </p>