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Released: 02/17/1999

<p> Louisiana State University at Alexandria will host a tri-state forensic tournament on Feb. 26-27 sponsored by Louisiana Intercollegiate Forensic Association (LIFA). Students from Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas will compete in 11 individual events and three team events. The individual events include five interpretive readings, four prepared public speeches and two limited preparation public speeches. For schools seeking team events, there will be a CEDA debate, which is a cross-examination debate; a Lincoln/Douglas debate, which is a one-on-one debate, and a parliamentary debate. Also one of the interpretive events will be a duo-interpretive event. All of the events are official American Forensic Association competitions. </p><p> LIFA just recently opened their annual tournament to Mississippi and Arkansas. "We wanted to make the tournament more competitive," said Clay Kirkland, professor of speech, director of LSUA theater and forensics at LSUA and president of LIFA. </p><p> The final count has not come in yet, but Kirkland is expecting 12 to 15 teams at LSUA this year. "We held the tournament here last year, and people really liked the central location," said Kirkland. </p><p> LSUA&acute;s four-member team is hoping to be a top contender in this year&acute;s competition. "This year&acute;s team is the most consistently successful team we&acute;ve ever had," said Kirkland. LSUA has had a team for the past nine years and is the only two-year school in the state to compete in intercollegiate forensics competition. The 1998-99 LSUA forensic team members are Tricia Lopez of Cottonport, Lisa Mayeux of Hessmer, Daniel Brown of Alexandria and Alissa Piazza of Marksville. </p>