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Released: 05/13/1999

<p> Laurie Tanner of Evergreen was honored as the winner of the LSUA Staff Outstanding Service Award at a luncheon held Tuesday, May 11, 1999. LSUA conducts this incentive program each year to recognize and reward superior work performance and outstanding contributions of non-academic staff employees to the operations of the University. </p><p> Tanner serves as the administrative secretary for the Division of Nursing. She has worked at LSUA since 1990 and her position in the Division of Nursing has been the only one she has held on the campus. Wanda J. Guidry, MSN, RN, head of the Division of Nursing nominated Tanner with many other faculty and staff writing letters supporting her nomination. </p><p> "She is focused on the success of the University and dedicated to assisting faculty in the pursuit of excellence in the classroom," said Guidry. "A sense of purpose, direction and persistence make her one of the most dependable and objective individuals I have ever been fortunate enough with which to work." </p><p> It is evident to many that Tanner&acute;s excellent organizational skills and creative abilities, contribute greatly to the smooth operation of the division. Upon receiving her award, Tanner said this award was very special to her. "It means a great deal to me to be part of the LSUA family," she said. </p><p> Two staff members were chosen from a field of 10 to receive the highest honor given to staff members. Recipients were awarded a plaque and a $500 cash award funded by the LSUA Foundation. </p>