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Released: 12/09/1999

<p> Louisiana State University at Alexandria is offering central Louisiana an opportunity to explore locations such as London, Stonehenge and Edinburgh through a travel course to England and Scotland this coming spring. The 10-day tour is scheduled to depart from New Orleans on May 23, 2000 under the direction of six LSUA faculty members. A deposit of $395 must be paid at the LSUA Accounting Office before Jan. 21, 2000, to reserve a place on the trip. The balance is due Feb. 10, 2000. </p><p> The tour is open to LSUA students, high school seniors, students from other colleges and members of the community. The adventure may be taken as non-credit, or participants may earn up to six hours of college credit in English, history, fine arts, theatre or business. </p><p>

Highlights of the tour include the city of London, Stonehenge, the Lake District, Salisbury Cathedral, Stratford-upon-Avon, the Roman town of Bath, and the city of Edinburgh among other notable sites. The $2000 cost of the trip includes round trip air fare, accommodations, breakfast and dinner each day, guided tours and admission fees for selected sites, and deluxe motor coach with professional tour guide. Additional charges will apply for non-credit or double occupancy. </p><p> Travel courses such as LSUA&acute;s England and Scotland 2000 provide a means for learning that simply is not available in the classroom setting. Students will get a first hand look at the great city of London including its fine museums and professional theatre offerings. Students will tour the places mentioned in history books and will walk along the streets of the birthplace of William Shakespeare. </p><p> LSUA professors teaching for this interdisciplinary tour include Lillian Wooley, English; Gay Lynn Brown, business; Roy deVille, fine arts; Richard Gwartney, theatre; Eamon Halpin, English; and Henry Robertson, history. Anyone interested in participating in LSUA&acute;s England and Scotland 2000 tour should call 427-4473 or E-mail for complete tour details. </p>