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Released: 12/10/1999

<p> In response to requests from the community, LSUA&acute;s Division of Nursing and Health Sciences will again offer the certified nursing assistant (CNA) classes for the Spring 2000 semester. This course is offered for five credit hours and is separated into two sessions. Each session meets on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7 a.m. until noon. Session I will begin on January 18 and will conclude on March 10 followed by Session II set for March 13 through May 12. </p><p> The CNA course is a one semester program designed to prepare individuals to function as members of the health care team under the supervision of registered nurses. The course includes classroom study, laboratory practice and clinical practice. Major roles of the CNA include communicator, CPR provider, bedside nursing care, and infection control. </p><p>

Those who complete the CNA course will receive certification as nursing assistants by the State Department of Health and Hospitals and their names will be entered on the state registry. Employment opportunities include nursing homes, hospitals, home health and more. The course can also provide a foundation for future nursing and health science education. For complete information on LSUA&acute;s Certified Nursing Assistant program, contact the Division of Nursing and Health Sciences at (318) 473-6459. </p>