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Released: 02/07/2000

<p> Dr. Henry Robertson, professor of geography and history and department chair for social science and education at LSUA, published several articles recently. "Tories or Patriots? The Mississippi River Planters During the American Revolution" appeared in the Fall 1999 issue of Louisiana History published by the Louisiana Historical Association. Robertson also wrote a biographical entry on Alexander Haig in the Biographical Encyclopedia of 20th Century World Leaders. This five volume set is published in New York. Haig was the former national security advisor to Ronald Reagan. </p><p> His article "A Slow Erosion: Whigs in Western Louisiana, 1834-1840" was published in North Louisiana History by the North Louisiana Historical Society. Robertson has also been contracted by Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) to write the teacher&acute;s guide for their Louisiana History television series to appear over the next few years in association with the 2003 bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase. The finished guide will be sent to eighth grade teachers statewide. </p>