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Released: 02/10/2000

<p> Six Instructional Improvement Incentive Grants were awarded to eight Louisiana State University at Alexandria faculty members for various projects to enhance the University&acute;s educational offerings. </p><p> Dr. William Calbeck and Dr. Larry Herrington, submitted a proposal for "VCR&acute;s for Taping Lectures in Mathematics." Calbeck is an assistant professor and Herrington is a professor of mathematics. Their grant will provide a library of video taped lectures in math courses with continued low enrollment. The target courses are Math 1552, 2057, 2065, 2085 and Statics CE 2450 which are not always offered as a regular semester courses, but are needed by students desiring to transfer to engineering programs. The faculty will use the distance learning labs on campus to create master tapes of these course with this grant providing VCR&acute;s for making copies for student use through independent study. </p><p>

Dr. Michael Collins, professor of computer science, submitted a proposal to benefit "A Student Operated Business Enterprise" on campus called ONW. This organization is learning hands-on to research, design, purchase parts and construct a real computer. This grant award will provide funds to purchase needed materials to complete more computers per semester and provide a more desirable student/machine ratio. Dr. Dorene J. Fox, professor of mathematics, will purchase tapes and compose supplementary materials in her project, "The Value of Mathematics Via Video." This avenue of learning will provide a different perspective and further insight on mathematical concepts by learning more about how they are applicable to the real world. The major topics are formulas, ratios, graphs, coordinates, quadratic functions, conic sections, exponential functions, logical reasoning, probability, sinusoidal waves and vectors. These concepts are covered in Math 0002, 1021, 1100 and 1022. The materials would be available to students and faculty to reinforce and extend the mathematics curriculum beyond the realm of the classroom. </p><p> Mrs. Renu Gupta and Dr. Khem Aggarwal, proposed a project, "Instructional Improvement of Math 0001 by offering Two Self-Paced Sections." Gupta is an assistant professor and Aggarwal is a professor of mathematics. This project will implement a better method for delivering remedial math to increase financial efficiency and learning effectiveness. Students will view video tapes, use the computer and work problems in the exercise set. They will learn at their own pace and must pass computer generated tests at the end of each chapter. The instructor will serve as coach, tutor, record keeper and manager. Students who finish by mid-term could register for a B-term Math 0002 section, thus completing both courses in one semester. </p><p> Dr. Bret R. Niedens, assistant professor of biology, was awarded his grant request for "Development of Interactive Science Courseware." With the purchase of three software packages and additional memory to be installed on a multimedia workstation, Niedens plans to create computer tutorials tailored to the division&acute;s individual courses for topics above the freshman level. These tutorials will be made available on the LSUA computer network or on compact disks for students to use at their convenience. These tools will be of benefit to any discipline where complex interactions need to be explained and understood. </p><p> Dr. Henry O. Robertson, assistant professor of geography and history, and department chair for education and social sciences, will use his grant money to pursue "Knickerbocker Culture Hearth: A photographic survey of the architecture, sites, and cultural remains of the Dutch in the Hudson River Valley in New York." He plans to visit over 30 sites and photograph, document and develop power point slides for visual presentations to LSUA American history and geography students and the community through Coffee Calls and civic organizations. </p>