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Released: 04/17/2000

<p> Louisiana State University at Alexandria presented endowed professorships to faculty members on Monday, April 17, at noon in the Nursing Auditorium. The awards were presented by Mrs. Ethma Odum, president-elect of the LSUA Foundation. Faculty members receiving professorships were Ms. Brenda Cook, RN, MSN, Dr. Eamon Halpin, Dr. Jerry P. Sanson, and Dr. Mary Boone Treuting. </p><p> The Frances Holt Freedman Endowed Professorship in the History and Ethics of Nursing was awarded to Dr. Jerry P. Sanson of Deville. Sanson has been on the faculty at LSUA for 13 years and holds the rank of professor of history and political science. He serves on numerous campus committees including Courses and Curricula where he serves as chairman. Additionally, he is the Coordinator for the LSU Senior College General Studies program. </p><p>

According to his philosophy of teaching, Sanson believes that the basic objective of any teacher is that his or her students master as much knowledge of the subject taught as is possible during the time that they have available for the learning process to occur. "The teacher plays many roles including the teacher as expert, the teacher as formal authority, the teacher as socializing agent, and the teacher as facilitator," he said. Sanson intends to use the endowed professorship funds carry out the requirements as indicated by the donor. He will develop, coordinate and teach an interdisciplinary course concerning the history and ethics of the nursing profession. The course will be taught during year two of the professorship. </p><p> The Mark Eugene Howard Endowed Professorship in Liberal Arts was awarded to Dr. Eamon Halpin of Lecompte. Halpin has been a faculty member at LSUA for six years and currently holds the rank of associate professor of English. He is active on the LSUA campus serving on numerous campus committees. He is chairman of the Student Publications Committee and is a member of the Faculty Senate. He is the coordinator for the Institutional Effectiveness activities for the English department and is coordinator for the Annual Avoyelles Parish Literary Rally. </p><p> "Education needs to endow students, not only with the skills or expertise in specific fields...but with the kind of breadth of imagination that is capable of dealing with the unpredictable realities which the future may hold," Halpin said. "A real education gives students not only the specific skills they appear to need in the present but the capacity to learn those that they may need in the future." </p><p> Halpin plans to use the professorship funds to work on significant revisions that would be necessary to have his dissertation manuscript submitted for publication. This would include travel and conference attendance and seminars that deal with the subject of his dissertation titled Seen and Unseen Cities: Embodied Worlds in Epic and the Novel. He has set a goal to have part or all of his manuscript submitted for publication by the end of the period of the endowed professorship. </p><p> The Roy O. Martin Lumber Company Endowed Professorship in Nursing was awarded to Ms. Brenda L. Cook of Pineville. Cook has been a faculty member at LSUA for 30 years and currently holds the rank of associate professor in nursing. She is the chairman of the Department of Nursing and serves on several committees within the Nursing Division and across campus. Among her community activities are the United Way, First United Methodist Church in Pineville, and the Pineville Rebel Club. She has also enjoyed a distinguished military career and is a Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army Retired. </p><p> According to her philosophy of teaching, Cook believes that there are many components of being an effective teacher including knowing your subject, being able to convey the information, and promoting critical thinking. She plans to use the endowed professorship funds for professional development by attending workshops to help her stay current and on the cutting edge of nursing education and practice. </p><p> The Huie-Dellmon Trust Endowed Professorship in Liberal Arts and Science was awarded to Dr. Mary Boone Treuting of Marksville. Treuting has been a faculty member at LSUA for five years and holds the rank of associate professor of psychology. She currently serves on a variety of university committees including the Faculty Senate and the Child Care Committee. She is chairperson of the Early Childhood Education Degree Committee and is the vice chair for the LSU Board of Supervisors Faculty Advisory Committee. </p><p> "Learning occurs everywhere and teaching is an interaction that challenges us to think and that subsequently changes us in some way," Treuting said. To promote effective interactions, she works to cultivate a knowledge of the subject matter, the relevance of the material, an accountability to the discipline, personal reflection and self-awareness, and enthusiasm. </p><p> Treuting plans to use the professorship funds to establish a Best Practices model of academic training for Early Childhood educators in conjunction with the LSUA Children&acute;s Center. She will visit model programs and then develop an Early Childhood Education Practicum course for LSUA students. </p><p> Each of the professorships were established with private donations of $60,000 which are matched with $40,000 from the Board of Regents Support Fund. The LSUA Endowed Professorship program is designed to encourage and reward outstanding teaching, scholarly activity and contributions to LSUA and the community. Recipients receive a salary supplement and funds for equipment, travel and faculty development. </p><p> For more information about the LSUA Endowed Professorship program, contact Melissa C. LaBorde , executive director of the LSUA Foundation, at 473-6472. </p>