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Three LSUA Faculty Earn Endowed Professorships

Released: 04/23/2001

<p> Louisiana State University at Alexandria presented endowed professorships to three faculty members on Monday, April 23 at noon in the Coughlin Hall Nursing Auditorium. Chancellor Robert Cavanaugh presented endowed professorships to Dr. Dorene Fox, Patricia Franks, RN, MSN, and Dr. Bret R. Niedens. </p><p> The F. Hugh Coughlin Endowed Professorship was awarded to Dr. Dorene Fox of Alexandria. Fox has been on the faculty at LSUA since Fall 1991 and holds the rank of professor of mathematics. She is a member of several professional organizations and served as Faculty Senate president from 1995 to 2000. She is the advisor for the LSUA Student Government Association and has worked with other committees on campus. She is very active with the Central Louisiana Kiwanis Club in addition to being a member of the Central Louisiana Chamber of Commerce. </p><p> According to her philosophy of teaching, Fox believes that her primary objective for teaching mathematics is to cultivate active thinkers who can exchange ideas and procedures with others. </p><p> Fox intends to use the endowed professorship funds to research and develop a manual that incorporates the TI-83 graphing calculator in the intermediate algebra classroom. She plans to attend meetings and workshops to gain exposure to ideas conducive to the development of these course materials. Also, she hopes to purchase hardware to present the calculator via TV monitor and buy related software useful in integrating the graphing calculator into the course. </p><p> The Barbara M. Martin Endowed Professorship in nursing was awarded to Patricia L. Franks, RN, MSN of Forest Hill. Franks has been a faculty member at LSUA for 16 years and currently holds the rank of associate professor of nursing. She is also the chair for the department of health sciences. Franks is the chair of the By-Laws Committee and the Honor&acute;s Day Planning Committee and is a member of several of the advisory committees within the division of Nursing and Health Sciences. </p><p> "It is our responsibility as educators to provide effective and innovative learning experiences for our students," Franks said. "Additionally, the teacher must have a strong knowledge base and command of the subject matter." </p><p> Franks plans to use the professorship funds to strengthen her effectiveness as an educator and to strengthen her background in the provision of health science programs. To accomplish these goals, she plans to attend national conferences and programs aimed at health career programs, leadership projects and caring for the community. </p><p> The Huie Dellmon Trust Endowed Professorship in Science was awarded to Dr. Bret R. Niedens of Alexandria. Niedens has been a faculty member at LSUA for three years and currently holds the rank of assistant professor of biology. He served as secretary of the Faculty Senate, secretary of the Review and Long Range Planning Committee and as a member of the Campus Beautification Committee. </p><p> According to his teaching philosophy, teaching is the work of transferring information from one person to another and then the utilization of that information by the recipient to solve problems. "Receipt of this professorship will allow me to continue developing an educational experience based on hands-on work in biology." he said. </p><p> He plans to use the professional development funds to develop an undergraduate research program. He will teach a course concentrating on the development of biological control methods for thermophilic spoilage microorganisms. He also plans to purchase supplies and equipment needed to conduct further research in this area. </p><p> Each of the professorships were established with private donations of $60,000 which are matched with $40,000 from the Board of Regents Support Fund. </p><p> The LSUA Endowed Professorship program is designed to encourage and reward outstanding teaching, scholarly activity and contributions to LSUA and the community. Recipients receive a salary supplement and funds for equipment, travel and faculty development. </p><p> For more information about the LSUA Endowed Professorship program, contact Melissa C. LaBorde , executive director of the LSUA Foundation, at 473-6472. </p>