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New Scholarships at LSUA

Released: 05/30/2001

<p> Louisiana State University at Alexandria (LSUA) is pleased to announce that Gary and Deborah Tillman of Alexandria have established two new scholarships for students at LSUA. </p><p> The Tillman Endowed Scholarship will be awarded to a student who is interested in pursuing a career in the field of law. Recipients must have a grade point average of at least 3.0 and be enrolled in nine semesters hours at the sophomore level. </p><p> Mr. and Mrs. Tillman have also funded a non-endowed scholarship to provide assistance to a student with an interest in studying law. The Gary and Deborah Tillman Scholarship will be awarded to a student classified as a sophomore or higher with a grade point average of 3.0 or above. </p><p>

Both of these scholarships may be used for tuition, registration fees, books or other costs incurred as a direct result of the student attending LSUA. </p><p> "Mr. and Mrs. Tillman have been friends and supporters of the University for many years," said Chancellor Robert Cavanaugh. Mr. Tillman is serving on the LSUA Lay Advisory Committee and is an adjunct teacher. He also instructs a notary public preparation course through the Division of Continuing Education and Technology. </p><p> For more information about these scholarships, contact the Office of Student Aid and Scholarships at (318) 473-6423. If you would like to establish a scholarship at LSUA, you may call Melissa LaBorde, LSUA Foundation executive director, at (318) 473-6472. </p>