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LSUA Endowed Professorships Awarded

Released: 05/03/2002

<p> LSUA Chancellor Robert Cavanaugh presented endowed professorships to eight faculty members at a recent faculty meeting. Endowed professorships provide a salary supplement and additional funds for professional development, travel or equipment to each recipient. These awards are made possible through private gifts to the LSUA Foundation and the Board of Regents Support Fund. The Endowed Professorship selection committee interviewed fourteen applicants for the eight endowed professorships. </p><p> Carolyn Voelker, RN, MSN received The Frances Holt Freedman Endowed Professorship in the History and Ethics of Nursing that was established by Dr. and Mrs. Robin Freedman in memory of Dr. Freedman&acute;s mother. She serves as an associate professor of nursing and her philosophy of teaching involves providing the opportunity to learn, a caring atmosphere and involving the senses. As stated in the professorship guidelines, Voelker will teach Nursing 1007 "History and Ethics of Nursing" over the next two years. She will also attend conferences and plan opportunities to expand the ethics of nursing. </p><p>

Roy deVille, professor of fine arts and director, University Gallery was awarded The Huie-Dellmon Trust Endowed Professorship in Liberal Arts and Science. This professorship was established by the Trust by trustees Richard L. Crowell and Nancy Crowell Owens. </p><p> Although his teaching philosophy has remained constant over the past 35 years, the means to achieve the end result have changed. deVille says "It is no longer sufficient to be a capable lecturer who can impart material in a clear and concise manner. We must be able to create the image by which the student can, through his senses, live the art. In doing so, we can physically take the student to the museum or we can bring the museum to the student." </p><p> In keeping with his philosophy, deVille plans to establish a computer index and web site for LSUA&acute;s permanent art collection and to establish a website directory for art students to access major galleries and museums throughout the world. This project would serve the two-fold purpose of connecting the LSUA community to our fine art collection and of connecting LSUA to the international art community. </p><p> Dr. Bernard Gallagher received The Mark Eugene Howard Endowed Professorship in Liberal Arts for English that was established by Virginia Martin Howard in memory of her husband. Gallagher is a professor of English whose philosophy of teaching revolves around honesty, professionalism and freedom. </p><p> He feels that honesty demands clear expectations, requires adherence to standards, and demands fairness. He also feels that college teachers are professionals: they profess the inherent worth and value of a subject, they self-evaluate, they are loyal to their profession, they believe in continuing education and the exercise autonomy. </p><p> Gallagher plans to use the professional development portion of the award to travel to various sites to learn more about he assessment process to help evaluate and improve how both the English Department and the Multi-Disciplinary Committee access student writing and critical thinking. Any remaining funds will be used to learn more about the craft of writing and completing his second novel. </p><p> Dr. Michael Collins was awarded The J.H. Johnson Endowed Professorship in Business Administration that was established by Vinita Johnson Martin in memory of her husband. Collins is a professor of computer science whose philosophy of teaching includes six areas: expectations, encouragement, patience, participation, projects and respect. He says that educational research, as well as his own experience, has demonstrated that active participation of the student in the class session results in greater learning and often leads to increased student involvement outside of the classroom. He adds that, perhaps the most important ingredient is respect for the student, and the recognition that learning is hard work. </p><p> Collins will use the professional development portion of the award to equip a small computer research station that will support experiments in three areas: parallel processing, the remote operation of computer functions, and computer directed robotic equipment. </p><p> Assistant professor of nursing, Elizabeth R. Jackson RN, MSN was awarded The Roy O. Martin Lumber Company Endowed Professorship in Nursing that was established by the company at the request of Roy O. Martin, Jr. </p><p> Jackson believes that educators should foster individual growth and development, professional development, academic success, and leadership in their students. She says that </p><p> "Students bring real-life problems with them to college that can affect their ability to is my duty to help the student become an effective change agent for their lifelong learning and personal development. </p><p> The majority of the funds in the professional development portion of the award will be used to develop and augment a trial orientation/transition program for students entering Nursing 1016. She plans to publish an informative handbook to aid students-not only during the transition period-but in future clinical course work as well. Handbooks would include pertinent information such as: glossary of common medical terms, tips on how to study, test taking skills, pharmacological drug calculations for practice, clinical expectations and so on. </p><p> Sandra Franklin, BS, RT, (R) instructor of radiologic technology, is the first recipient of the Rapides Regional Medical Center Endowed Professorship in Radiologic Technology that was established by the hospital in support of LSUA&acute;s relatively new rad tech program. </p><p> The professional development portion of the professorship will allow Franklin to attend various workshops on the state and national level which will provide the knowledge and skills to facilitate the success of LSUA&acute;s radiography program. </p><p> Dr. Tommy Awtry, associate professor of mathematics, received The Huie-Dellmon Trust Endowed Professorship in Science. This is the second professorship established by trustees Richard Crowell and Nancy Crowell Owens. </p><p> Awtry believes that mathematics is not taken as content that is only important in the classroom, but is understood as a necessary component in our educational system and for real life in our new information society. He feels "Teachers would do well to realize that they can learn </p><p> from and with their students as their students learn from them." </p><p> He plans to use the professional development portion of the award to continue his involvement with the reform mathematics movement and to assist the math department&acute;s change from using scientific calculators to graphing calculators in algebra classes. He will use the funds to attend professional development activities and to purchase manipulatives, hardware and software that would be useful in a discovery learning classroom. </p><p> Dr. Sultan Parvez, assistant professor of physics, is the first recipient of the Howard M. and Eloise Ferris Mulder Endowed Professorship that was established by Mr. and Mrs. Mulder to support the teaching of physics at LSUA. </p><p> The art of teaching is best described by the ability of the teacher to increase a student&acute;s competence in the subject matter and making the subject matter relevant according to Dr. Parvez. He also believes that "a teacher should know his students-their capacity, intellectual potential, and their present knowledge of the subject. A teacher should also know his own abilities, interests and limitations and should allocate his time and effort accordingly..." </p><p> He plans to use the professional development portion of the award to develop a physics lab manual which will incorporate error analysis, computer analysis and elements of fun into the physics laboratory experiments. This manual will replace the outdated manuals currently used in the labs. </p>