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Student art exhibit running through May 10

Released: 04/23/2013

An exhibit featuring the works of students from LSU Alexandria’s FIAR 1011, Art Structure, is currently on display in the University Gallery. The show will run through May 10.

Gallery hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00 am until noon. The University Gallery is located on the first floor of the Student Center on LSU Alexandria’s campus.

The students whose works are on display include: Kimberly Rana Aubin, Brandon T. Crain, Anthony M. Gant, Valre Michel Leopard, Amelia Ceilisha Malone, Rosa Moncada, Amy Kathryn Normand, Laura G. Saucier, and Angela Brown Walker.

FIAR 1011 introduces students to all of the major art media. It serves as an introductory hands-on course, preparing the student for further studio art study. This semester the students have been involved in creating projects in photography, sculpture, fabric design, and painting, both hard edge and abstract.

Following a study of the work of American artist, Man Ray, the students explored his photography techniques, especially the creation of the photogram. Man Ray developed a cameraless photograph by placing objects on photographic paper and then exposing both paper and objects to light. Objects could then be moved or removed while controlling the exposure. Through this technique, Man Ray produced images of abstract or symbolic character. He called his works “Rayograms.”

The exhibit features student-created photograms based on Man Ray’s technique. In the same way that Man Ray personalized his works, the students named their photograms using their own names or symbols in the composition.