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Student ambassadors learn ways to improve spirit at conference

Released: 04/02/2013

Increasing school spirit, developing a first-generation student program, and establishing effective partnerships with parents are significant components of an improved student experience.

LSU Alexandria’s student ambassadors recently joined orientation leaders from more than 75 other colleges and universities to learn these and other student life lessons. The group participated in the Southeastern Regional Orientation Conference, held at University of Memphis, with approximately 1,900 others from the southeastern United States.

“It was a great opportunity for our group,” said Kaitlyn Nichols, who attended the workshop for the first time. “”Not only did I learn about ways to help our school, but I learned a lot about myself.”

Bethany Gattis, who has attended previous workshop at other institutions, said that having a larger LSU Alexandria presence was significant as well. “We were able to get to know each other better and grow closer, which will make it even easier to work together on campus initiatives.”

Topics covered during the workshop included how to improve the orientation experience for students, how to increase school spirit, how to bring tradition to campus, how to work with diverse populations, and social networking best practices.

Bethany and Kaitlyn agreed that one thing was definitely missing from the event. “There was no negativity,” Kaitlyn said. “Even schools that are supposed to be rivals were cheering for each other. It was great!”

LSU Alexandria’s student ambassadors participate in several campus activities throughout the year, including orientation sessions and open houses. They also assist with greeting visitors to campus for various functions.

The 2012-13 LSU Alexandria student ambassadors are: Kimberly Aubin, Hannah Chaumont, Bethany Gattis, Hannah Gremillion, Nicholette Hardy, Ethan Lipsey, Rebecca McNeal Mayeux, Nasha Moore, Kaitlyn Nichols, Avery Ozenne, Teven Reed, Derek Stewart, Keisha Swafford, and Arnita Williams.

They were accompanied on the trip by Teresa Seymour, executive director of enrollment management/registrar, Rachel Madison, admissions counselor, and Shelly Kieffer, director of recruiting and admissions. #