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Department chair’s work chosen for inclusion in collection of essays

Released: 01/16/2013

An essay by Dr. Jerry Sanson, chair of the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences at LSU Alexandria, has been selected for inclusion in a new Louisiana history reader.

The essay, entitled “What he did and what he promised to do . . . Huey Long and the Horizons of Louisiana Politics,” focuses on Huey Long’s legacy of expanding the use of government power and his understanding of how that power should be used. It is included in “Louisiana Legacies: Readings in the History of the Pelican State”, which was edited by Janet Allured and Michael S. Martin.

Sanson first began working on the topic in February 2004 when asked to present a paper on Huey Long at the Natchez Literary and Cinema Celebration in Natchez, MS. The title of that initial paper was “Huey Long and the Politics of the Possible.”

From there, Sanson expanded the paper into a longer, more detailed study for his Presidential Address to the Louisiana Historical Association, which was delivered in March 2006. That address was published in the Summer 2006 issue of Louisiana History, the journal of the Louisiana Historical Association.

When the editors began searching for articles that explained important aspects of Louisiana history to include in their collection of essays, Sanson’s was chosen for inclusion.

The collection is described as a showcase of “the colorful, even raucous, political, social, and unique cultural qualities of Louisiana history”. It was published by Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, and will primarily be used in college-level Louisiana History courses.