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LSU Alexandria Police Department awarded grant to improve emergency radio communication

Released: 10/05/2012

Louisiana State University Alexandria has been awarded a grant which will allow the University Police to upgrade two-way radio equipment and join the Louisiana Wireless Information Network, a statewide interoperable radio network.

Radio interoperability, the capability for different agencies across the state to communicate during disasters and major events, has been a long sought after goal for state, federal, and local agencies which all typically utilize different radio spectrum bands and frequencies. The upgrade is being funded through a grant from the Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.

The grant was awarded in late August in the amount of $25,000. LSU Alexandria Police Chief Matthew Issman said the money will be used to purchase new radio equipment to assist with the implementation of the State Homeland Security Strategy.

The vision is for each LSUA police officer, patrol vehicle, and base station (EOC) to be capable of functioning on the LWIN network during a disaster or major event. With the state evacuation Mega Shelter, and soon the Rapides Parish Fair Grounds being located adjacent to LSU Alexandria, this will give the LSUA University Police Department the capability to seamlessly communicate with all agencies responding to and working during a disaster or major event.