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LSU Alexandria recognized as among nation's most affordable colleges for out-of-state students

Released: 02/10/2012

Louisiana State University at Alexandria is the only National Liberal Arts College listed on U.S. News and World Reports’ Short List for the Ten Least Expensive Public Universities for Out-of-State Students. The list was released earlier this week and can be viewed at

LSU Alexandria’s tuition rates are among the lowest in the state for Louisiana students. Historically, students from outside Central Louisiana would take a look at LSUA only if they had a connection to Alexandria or the Central Louisiana community. Now, however, students from across the U.S. are finding the Alexandria campus when searching for small liberal arts schools with affordable tuition and quality educational offerings.

According the Shelly Kieffer, director for recruiting and admissions at LSU Alexandria, out-of-state applications have increased by 46 percent since 2007. “With the addition of on-campus housing, students from across the country are able to take a closer look at us than ever before,” Kieffer said. “Tuition cost, campus size and program offerings are typically the things that bring out-of-state students to our campus.” As Louisiana’s only public liberal arts university focused exclusively on undergraduate education, LSUA continues to evolve into a university of choice for students in Louisiana and beyond. Visit for more information about LSUA.

LSUA FAST FACTS: Location: Alexandria, LA; Established: 1959 as a two-year commuter college, registered first students in 1960; Baccalaureate degrees added: 2001 under Senate Bill 853; Current Enrollment: 2,613 including almost 400 dual enrollment high school students; Average age of student: 26.5 years; Approximate tuition: Resident - $2,100 Non-resident - $4,100 (per semester); Physical address: 8100 Highway 71 South, Alexandria, LA 71302; Website: