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Region IV Science and Engineering Fair Winners Announced

Released: 02/24/2011

Kelsi Berry of Leesville High School and Shrishiv Timbalia from the Louisiana School for Math, Science and Arts were “Best Project Overall” winners in the Senior Division of the Region IV Science and Engineering Fair at LSU Alexandria, and Logan Brown from Alexandria Country Day captured the award in the Junior Division.

Berry competed in the electrical engineering category, and Timbalia’s project was in the medicine and health field. Brown’s entry was in physics and astronomy.

A list of winners and their schools in each division follows, starting with the Junior Division:

Animal Science – 1) Will Hilburn, Alexandria Country Day; 2) Sean Badeaux, Our Lady of Prompt Succor; 3) Ann-Elyse Karam, Holy Savior Menard.

Behavioral and Social Sciences – 1) Taha Amed, Alexandria Country Day; 2) Maggie Graham, Our Lady of Prompt Succor; 3) Ava Karam, Our Lady of Prompt Succor.

Cellular Biology – 2) Katelyn Murphy, Natchitoches Magnet School.

Chemistry – 1) Ragan Delrie, Pollock Elementary; 2) Taylor DeAnna Morgan, Alexandria Country Day; 3) Makenzie Meeks, Tioga Elementary.

Earth and Planetary – 1) Grant Porter, Alexandria Country Day; 2) Garrison Grant, Alexandria Country Day; 3) Andrew James Cowen, Alexandria Country Day.

Electrical Engineering – 1) Blake Tillman/Caleb Frost, Alexandria Country Day, and Olivia Vanderhoeven, Tioga Elementary (tie); 3) Kristen Renee Deville, Our Lady of Prompt Succor.

Material Engineering – 1) Shae Schreckengost, Pineville Junior High; 2) Garrett Brown, Alexandria Country Day; 3) Sara Head, Alexandria Country Day; Madison Everett, Our Lady of Prompt Succor; David DeGraw, Tioga Junior High (tie).

Energy and Transportation – 1) Heath Hilton, Alexandria Country Day; 2) Austin Steepleton/Brandon Obey, Alexandria Country Day.

Environmental Management – 1) Raymonde Armoo, Alexandria Country Day; 2) John Duck, Alexandria Country Day; 3) Matthew Sargee, Natchitoches Magnet School.

Environmental Science – 1) Salim Lutfallah, Alexandria Country Day; 2) Mallory Duffy, Pollock Elementary; 3) Chase Tillman, Alexandria Country Day.

Mathematics – 1) Samuel Hudgens, Pollock Elementary; 2) Hunter Morehouse, Alexandria Country Day; 3) Layken Varholdt, Tioga Elementary.

Medicine and Health – 1) Colin Ashby, Alexandria Country Day; 2) Caroline Searcy, Alexandria Country Day; 3) Zoe Couvillion, Tioga Junior High.

Microbiology – 1) Austin Tammen, Pollock Elementary; 2) Alexis King, Holy Savior Menard; 3) Elizabeth Eberhardt, Brame Junior High.

Physics and Astronomy – 1) Logan Brown, Alexandria Country Day; 2) Keesler Morrison, Holy Savior Menard; 3) Kade Chandler, Pollock Elementary, and Camille Monceaux, Our Lady of Prompt Succor (tie).

Plant Sciences – 1) Brandy Beall, Brame Junior High; 2) Kassidy Browning, St. Frances Cabrini; 3) Noelle Dunn, Our Lady of Prompt Succor.

Senior Division winners were:

Behavioral and Social Science – 1) Joshua Ponthieux/Amanda Schultz, Leesville High School; 2) Tucker Baker, Holy Savior Menard.

Chemistry – 3) Elizabeth Scott/Reunna Self, Leesville High School.

Earth and Planetary – 3) Xavier Baker/Dylan Gaskill, Leesville High School, and Tyler Gage, Converse High School (tie).

Electrical Engineering – 1) Kelsi Berry, Leesville High School; 2) Diane Tucker, Leesville High School.

Energy and Transportation – 3) Emily Noble, Leesville High School.

Medicine and Health – 1) Shrishiv Timbalia, Louisiana School for Math, Science and Art.

Microbiology – 1) Jaelyn Williams, Leesville High School; 2) Catherine Pipes, Leesville High School.

Physics and Astronomy – 1) Jeffrey Parrozzo, Louisiana School for Match, Science and Art; 2) Rustem Bilyalov, Louisiana School for Math, Science and Art; 3) Jamie Wright, Holy Savior Menard.

Plant Sciences – 1) Mason Dehapp, Leesville High School; 2) Sana Khafeeb, Leesville High School.

Special awards went to Will Hilburn, Shae Schreckengost and Olivia Vanderhoeven, Junior Naval Award, and Shrishiv Timbalia and Jeffrey Parrozzo, Senior Naval Award.

Timbalia, Parrozzo, Rustem Bilyalov and Mason Dehapp won the Senior Army Award, and Dehapp, Kelsi Berry, Diane Tucker and Sana Khafeeb captured the Air Force Senior Award.

The I-SWEEP Award went to Berry in the Senior Division and Vanderhoeven in the Junior Division.