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Melissa Whitley Article on Learning Styles Published in Journal

Released: 11/09/2010

An article on learning styles by Melissa Whitley, coordinator of the radiologic technology program at LSU Alexandria, has been published in “Radiologic Science & Education.” The professional journal is produced by the Association of Educators in Imaging and Radiologic Sciences.

Whitley’s article, “Learning Styles of Radiography Students in College-Based Programs,” was based on a survey of undergraduate radiologic technology students and faculty members at three Louisiana universities. Using the Kolb Learning Style model, she found that 33 percent of students prefer the diverging learning style, which is based on creative experience and reflective observance. Other preferences were assimilating, 26 percent; accommodating, 22 percent; and converging, 19 percent.

Among faculty members the converging style of learning, which was the least popular among students, was the top choice at nearly 42 percent. Those described as converging learners tend to prefer abstract conceptualization and active experimentation. The diverging style, which was most preferred by students, was the last choice among faculty members.

Whitley said the purpose of the article was to promote “awareness of the differences in learning styles that may help plan successful courses.”