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Martin Publishes Article on Technology for Disabled Students

Released: 08/16/2010

An article on technology for students with disabilities by Carol Martin, instructor of business application at LSU Alexandria, has been published in the Journal of Instruction Delivery Systems, a quarterly publication from the Learning Technology Institute.

Martin’s article, “Assistive Technology to Improve Transition, Career, and Vocational Rehabilitation Services for Postsecondary Students with Disabilities,” explains how students can obtain the most benefit when colleges provide assistive technology. The article also evaluates success rates for disabled students in schools that maintain assistive technology devices and provide computer/assistive technology labs and career services that include job-seeking training. Martin contends that significant barriers to employment are removed when colleges work with vocational rehabilitation programs.

The journal, which is devoted to the issues, problems and application of instructional delivery systems in education, training and job performance, is sponsored by the Society for Applied Learning Technology.