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LSUA Honors Students for Outstandnig Achievement

Released: 04/23/2002

<p> Louisiana State University at Alexandria (LSUA) presented awards to 182 students during its 40th Annual Honors Day Convocation on Tuesday, April 23. Representative Charlie Riddle of Marksville brought the convocation address. </p><p> The Colonel W. R. Middleton Memorial Award for outstanding service to the University and community was presented to Angela Lacey Allred of Pineville. The Middleton Award, which is the highest honor given to an LSUA student, was established in honor of Colonel W. R. Middleton who came to LSUA as a counselor and assistant professor of geography when theUniversity was first established in August 1960. </p><p> Allred is a sophomore student who is also an active member of many local and national organizations. At LSUA, she is a member of the Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society, Student Activities Council, Baptist Collegiate Ministries, the LSUA Oaks, ONW Computing Club, Student Government Association, the Technology Committee, and the Ms. LSUA pageant committee. She has received recognition on the nation level by Who&acute;s Who Among Students In American Junior Colleges, The National Scholars Honor Society, The National Dean&acute;s List and the United States Achievement Academy All-American Scholar. </p><p> The LSU Outstanding Senior College Student Award was presented to Laurie Tanner of Evergreen by Dr. Michael Collins. Tanner also received the medal for academic excellence in the general business discipline. </p><p> In addition, several awards were presented to students for outstanding community service. Bridget Powell of Tioga received the Civitan Citizenship Award from the Alexandria Civitan Club. Samara Smith of Trout received the Phi Delta Kappa Award for the Most Outstanding Student Teacher from the LSU Teacher Education Program at LSUA. Jennifer James of Pineville received the Rapides Medical Alliance Scholarship. Chad Gauthier of Cottonport received the Sister Mary Agnes Fortier Award. Wendy Campbell of Glenmora received the 2002 Shakespeare Essay Award which consisted of a cash award. </p><p> Dr. Robert Cavanaugh, chancellor, presented certificates to students who were named to Who&acute;s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges. They are Angela Lacey Allred of Pineville, Lynette Andrus of Ville Platte, Crystal Shanntell Campbell of Ville Platte, Amie Nichole Chauffepied of Hessmer, Katrina Antoinette Cleveland of Pineville, Chad Paul Gauthier of Cottonport, Maribel Rangel James of Pineville, Lydia Jefferson of Alexandria, Dainna Lynns Lebas of Ville Platte, Peggy Sue Parker of Colfax, Paulley Svebek Rabalais of Evergreen, Tiffany Lynette Ray of Oakdale, Bobbi Jo Sanson of Jonesville, Marla Michele Smigura of Deville, Krin Grace Tolbert of Colfax, Melissa Ann Vallet of Ville Platte, Amanda Gayle Walker of Jena, Marianne Welch of Alexandria and Alicia LeAnne Young of Alexandria. </p><p> Students also received certificates in recognition of outstanding service as student leaders in campus organizations. The recipients and the respective organizations they are affiliated with are Renee&acute; Garneau of Alexandria-Catholic Student Organization; Kathryn McCauslin of Pineville-Gamma Beta Phi; Kimberly Patton of Pineville-Student Government Association; Ashleigh Marie Slaydon of Elmer -Pentecostal Student Fellowship; Theresse Diana Smith of Glenmora-Circle K; and Addie Thompson of Lecompte -Aspiring to be Professional Teachers. </p><p> The Outstanding Club of the Year Award was given to Aspiring to be Professional Teachers for contributions to the campus and community service. </p><p> Dr. Randall Stovall, vice chancellor of academic affairs, presented medals for academic excellence in various disciplines. The students are listed below, followed by the discipline in which they excelled: Heidi Adams of Jonesville-psychiatric-mental health; Angela Lacey Allred of Pineville-biological sciences; Robert Lance Blackman of Pollock-theater; John Cady of Lecompte-political science; Anna Carlyon of Alexandria-paralegal; Brooke Cormier of Mansura-English composition; Amanda Dauzat of Marksville-chemistry; Amanda Davis of Otis-social work; Dee Davis of Pineville computer science; Kerri Doughty of Jonesville-clinical lab tech; Lillie Ducote of Moreauville-psychology; Sunny Sue Gulley of Pineville-business; Vallie Hammett of Pineville-geography; Melissa Hanner of Pineville-radiology technology; Jennifer James of Pineville-nursing-maternal child; Jennifer Marchand of Evergreen-Nursing; Janice McKay of Dry Prong-accounting; Dawn Miller of Woodworth-education; Braxton Mitchell of Pineville-mass communication; Angelia Nugent of Pineville-pharmacy technology; Peggy Parker of Colfax-kinesiology; Darla Poole of Lecompte-speech; Leigh Schneider of Alexandria-English literature; Wanda Scott of Woodworth-criminal justice; Brian Walker of Hineston-military science; Marianne Welch of Alexandria-nursing-medical surgical and Donna Woodruff of Monterey-early childhood education. </p><p> LSU Senior College students received medals for academic excellence in three areas. Laurie Tanner of Evergreen was the recipient from the general business discipline. Sherry Fuqua of Effie received the elementary education award. Michael Preston Descant of Alexandria received the award from the general studies discipline. </p><p> Medals for the highest grade point average (GPA) were awarded to both full- and part-time students. Students are classified as full-time when enrolled in 12 or more credit hours per semester. Part-time students are those enrolled in 6-11 credit hours per semester. </p><p> Eighteen full-time freshmen were awarded medals for having the highest grade point average in their class. They were David Michael Bordelon of Alexandria, Jennifer Dawn Bowen of Pineville, Ester Ngeribipi Campbell of Bunkie, Mandy Rae Carmouche of Pineville, Travis E. Conley of Alexandria, Shannon Denise Deen of Pineville, Helen Denise Dupree of Bunkie, Clara Harvey Franklin of Simmesport, Mark Anthony Hogans of Alexandria, Earline Nichole Jacobs of Alexandria, Kristi LeAnn Jeansonne of Alexandria, Phillip D. Jeansonne of Cottonport, Hal James McMillin of Pineville, Hayley Lynn Melancon of Alexandria, Crystal J. Olson of Alexandria, Allison Renee&acute; Pippin of Pineville, Dionne Theard of Alexandria, and Valerie Annette Tobey of Alexandria. </p><p> Krista Z. Winfree of Deville was honored as the sophomore student enrolled full-time with the highest GPA. Phillip Roy Cockerham, Jr. of Trout was named the sophomore-plus student with the highest GPA enrolled full-time. </p><p> Eighteen part-time freshmen students were honored for the highest grade point average in their class. They were Janice B. Branch of Alexandria, Marie Nicole Chapman of Trout, Susan P. Cole of Woodworth, Maranda Lace Dean of Pollock, Sherri Annette Desoto of Dry Prong, Clifton Roy Doughty of Pineville, Jacinda Lee Fruge of Pine Prairie, Paula Evette Gaines of Alexandria, Ginger Annette Greer of Deville, Vallie Mercer Hammett of Pineville, Ashley P. Hazelton of Turkey Creek, Antoinette L. Howard of Alexandria, Chanda Erin Rogers of Pollock, Robert Brandon Smith of Alexandria, Deborah Stanley of Alexandria, Sandra Stuart of Pineville, Krystal Dinetta Swank of Alexandria and Sherri Dawn West of St. Landry. </p><p> Sophomore Melissa Marie Scarber of Alexandria received honors as a part-time student enrolled with the highest GPA. Kerri Elizabeth Doughty of Jonesville was named the sophomore-plus student with the highest GPA with part-time status. </p><p> Dr. Stovall presented certificates for academic excellence to both full- and part-time students who had maintained a 3.5 grade point average or above. </p><p> Full-time freshmen honored were Benjamin Paul Bordelon of Marksville, Melissa Evette Brister of Pineville, Katherine Anne Brouillette of Marksville, Ashley E. Bryant of Deville, Shellie Nicole Cockerham of Jena, Brooke Danielle Cormier of Mansura, Heather Marie Cormier of Pine Prairie, Timothy Leon Deason of Pitkin, Kelly A. Deville of Alexandria, Sarah D. Deville of Turkey Creek, Crystal Lane Dufour of Marksville, Ian Michael Fontenot of Ville Platte, Carlos Ja&acute;Vonn Freeman of Alexandria, Joseph Wade Gaspard of Alexandria, Luke Andrew Guillory of Ville Platte, Alicia Renee Johnson of Plaucheville, Autumn Heather Lambright of Pitkin, Joni Michelle Langston of Forest Hill, Kimberly Kaye Mahon of Pineville, Claire Marie Manchester of Boyce, Ava Rose Marchand of Pineville, Sonya Gayle McManus of Pineville, Katy Dianne Moss of Jena, Gwendolyn Mullins of Alexandria, Jessica Suzanne Parker of Colfax, Kimberly Rose Patton of Pineville, Darla M. Poole of Lecompte, Carrie Lynn Rabalais of Plaucheville, Kelly J. Simon of Marksville, Brandi Michelle Skinner of Libuse, Mary Frances Soileau of Oakdale, Sarah Michaela Stewart of Evergreen and John Paul VanMol of Alexandria. </p><p> Sophomores enrolled full-time receiving certificates were Angela Lacey Allred of Pineville, Nicole L. Bordelon of Moreauville, Michael Gene Carmouche of Pineville, Amanda Ann Dauzat of Marksville, Dee C. Davis of Pineville, Dawn Amber Eddlemon of Calcasieu, Joshua Paul Fontenot of Ville Platte, Tara Nicole Fust of Evergreen, Latonya Denise Garrett of Alexandria, Teddric Laron McCoy of Alexandria, Peggy Sue Parker of Colfax, Christine Michelle Seiley of Pineville, Thomas Bradley Slater of Alexandria and Lisa M. Wells of Alexandria. </p><p> Full-time students at the sophomore-plus level receiving certificates were William Alexander Benel of Alexandria , Rachel Elise Iles of Pineville and Hillee Kathryn Salley of Pineville. </p><p> Freshmen receiving certificates for academic excellence for maintaining a 3.5 grade point average or above while enrolled in 6 - 11 credit hours were Karen Elizabeth Ballard of Pineville, Julie Lynn Bordelon of Marksville, Pok Im Bordelon of Batchelor, Bonnie Harris Branim of Pineville, Kristin Hudson Broadway of Alexandria, Sylvia Jeannette Cockerham of Trout, Heather Dionne Dickey of Georgetown, Renea F. Ducote of Pineville, Melinda Dorothy Fee of Elmer, Brandon Aaron Garon of Alexandria, Melissa Renee Gauthier of Echo, Marion Kimberly Gordey of Elmer, Brenda Lea Guillory of Pineville, Mary Allyson Hawthorne of Deville, Margie Ann Irwin of Pollock, Jo Ann Jones of Alexandria, Jill Helaina Manuel of Pine Prairie, Jacquelyn Rae McNeely of Hineston, Mary Kathleen Monroe of Temple, Hope Marie Norris of Lecompte, Dian Robinson of Alexandria, Leigh Christine Schneider of Alexandria, Gwendolyn G. Sharpe of Boyce, Lorrie Lorraine Sills of Alexandria, Clayton Reid Steortz of Alexandria, Carmen Storey of Lecompte, Jeffery Eric Thomas of Forest Hill, Ashley Nicole Thornhill of Pineville, Abby Jo Vidrine of Ville Platte, Rickey James Warrington of Alexandria and Latrice Jane Williams of Bunkie. </p><p> Nine sophomores also received certificates for academic excellence as part-time students. They were Glenda Bettevy of Marksville, Christine Boniol of Elmer, Kathryn A. Carter of Ball, Daniel Ray Cross of Pineville, Elisa Ann Cutts of Pineville, Patricia Q. Foster of Marksville, Janice Kay McKay of Dry Prong, Donna Kay Miller of Pineville and Leslie Michael Till of Alexandria. </p><p> Sophomore-plus part-time students honored were Margaret Lavon Briscoe of Ville Platte, Marilyn Antoinette Buckner of Pineville, Gwendolyn A. Byrd of Alexandria, Eric Demond Lynch of Alexandria, Deborah Domingue Tassin of Alexandria, Joyce Ann Thompson of Colfax, and Michael Elliott Thompson of Pineville. </p><p> Mr. Kenn Posey, director of student aid and scholarships, presented scholarships to six students. The James C. Bolton Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Lynette Andrus of Ville Platte and Donna Yvette Johnson of Glenmora. The Barbara M. Martin Scholarship was awarded to Michael Carmouche of Pineville and Kyle Lord of Bentley. Dee Davis of Pineville was awarded the David A. Miller Scholarship </p>