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LSUA English Professor Published in Montenegro

Released: 05/11/2010

An LSU Alexandria professor of English has had a research article published in Montenegro, a country created on the Adriatic Sea in 2006 from the former Yugoslavia. Dr. Ginger Jones’ article in “Socioloska Luca” (Sociological Torch) critiques efforts of feminist groups in Montenegro who advocate social reform based on Western European or American models.

The article, which is the first from Jones to be translated into another language, is based on her “Montenegrin Mystique” presentation at the 7th Feminist Research Conference last year at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Jones taught in Montenegro three years ago as the first Fulbright Scholar from LSUA. She established a minor in Women’s Studies at LSUA in 2005.

“Socioloska Luca” is a peer-reviewed journal of social anthropology, demography and psychology with an international editorial board published twice annually by the faculty of philosophy at the University of Montenegro.