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2 Papers by Dr. Dexin Tian Selected for NCA Presentation

Released: 04/27/2010

Two analytical papers by Dr. Dexin Tian, assistant professor of communication studies at LSU Alexandria, have been accepted for presentation at the National Communications Association convention this fall in San Francisco. The organization is considered the preeminent communications association in the United States.

Tian’s papers are titled “IPR Disputes in Cyberspace: U.S. Hegemony and Chinese Resistance” and “The Riots in Xingjiang: Is China Fraying?” The first deals with intellectual property rights on the Internet, which Tian concludes the “dominant U.S. power has shaped the world order so effectively for its own interests that China has been included … in the broad consent of the U.S. hegemonic sphere of influence.”

The second paper explores the accuracy of “The Economist’s” news report in July 2009 describing the Xingjiang riots. Tian found that “although the basic details … were reported, it violated the core journalism value of trustworthiness by providing misleading pictures and unreliable and biased coverage.”

The papers will be presented in mid November. Tian is in his second year on the LSUA faculty.