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Additional Pell Grant Money Available for LSUA Students

Released: 04/01/2010

Additional Pell Grant money has been made available to college students effective this summer, announced Teresa Seymour, executive director of enrollment management/registrar at LSU Alexandria. “Year-round” Pell Grants were recently created by Congress, and they may be secured by students who already have received their full Pell Grants for the 2009-10 fall and spring semesters.

Seymour said the new Pell Grant rules allow students to receive up to 200 percent of their annual award in one year if they are pursuing credit hours that count toward their next academic year. “The regulations governing this new program are very complicated, but basically students are eligible for more Pell money this summer if they already have earned 24 credit hours in the fall and spring semesters,” Seymour said. “It also would apply if they have less than 24 hours from the previous fall and spring semesters and the classes they are taking this summer would give them at least 25 hours combined.”

There also are Pell Grant provisions for some part-time students if the number of credit hours and academic progress are sufficient.

To qualify for Pell Grants at LSUA students should complete the summer financial aid application, which is available on the website. They also must submit the 2009-10 and 2010-11 FAFSA (free application for federal student aid) and register for summer classes. Pell Grants will be awarded from the FAFSA data that allows the greatest amount.

Registration for LSUA summer classes begins April 12 and continues through the start of classes on May 24. This year’s summer school schedule calls for two five-week sessions with classes held Monday through Thursday.

Seymour said students should be aware that receiving “extra” Pell Grants this academic year may have an impact on the amount for which they are eligible in the next academic year. “Our financial aid personnel have been involved in intensive training sessions to implement the new regulations,” she said. “We anticipate a lot of questions from students, and we will hold public forums to provide the latest information if that will make the process easier.”

More than 1,000 LSUA students qualified for $2 million in Pell Grants in the fall semester. Pell Grants are federally funded, and students do not repay the money.