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11 LSUA Faculty Members Awarded Endowed Professorships

Released: 03/29/2010

LSU Alexandria has awarded endowed professorships to 11 members of its faculty, announced Dr. David Manuel, chancellor. The endowed professorships, which produce a stipend of up to $4,500 for academic research or professional development, were announced at the annual LSUA Campus Recognition Dinner.

“We are eternally grateful to the donors who have made a continuing investment in LSUA through endowed professorships,” said Manuel. “They are critical to enhancing the quality of teaching, especially so as funding for higher education dissipates. We also salute the deserving faculty who were honored with these awards”

Professorships are created by a minimum $100,000 perpetual endowment, the earnings from which are used to support faculty projects. A donor must contribute $60,000, and the Louisiana Board of Regents provides a $40,000 match. LSUA has 20 endowed professorships.

“Professorships are based on a faculty member’s accomplishments in all areas of faculty responsibility, including instruction, scholarship, university service and community service in addition to the particular academic project,” said Dr. Carol Corbat, interim vice chancellor for academic and student affairs. “Professorships are usually quite competitive.”

Dr. Susan Sullivan, associate professor of biology, was awarded the F. Hugh Coughlin Endowed Professorship. The nine-year member of the LSUA faculty will create a virtual residency to evaluate the effectiveness of methods used in the classroom, and the results will be available to all colleagues through the Center for Teaching Excellence.

Dr. Genet Duke, assistant professor of geology, received the Huie Dellmon Trust Endowed Professorship in Science. The stipend will be used to fund research trips for physical geology students to Arkansas and for marine geology students to the Louisiana-Texas coast.

Dr. Clarence Goleman, professor of education and a 25-year veteran of the LSU Senior College and LSUA, was selected for the Jack and Sue Ellen Jackson Endowed Professorship in Education. He will attend a conference on “Reigniting the Passion and Purpose for Teaching” and provide funds to help the Department of Education meet recruiting goals.

Nancy Hamilton, assistant professor of nursing, received the Frances Holt Freedman Endowed Professorship in History and Ethics of Nursing. She will use the proceeds to attend a certified nurse educator conference and investigate offering continuing education units for local nurses, students and physicians to meet yearly licensure requirements.

Dr. Shonu Nangia, assistant professor of foreign languages, will use the proceeds from the Huie Dellmon Trust Endowed Professorship in Liberal Arts and Science to create a Critical Language Hindi Summer Institute for Louisiana school teachers.

Dr. Freddie Litton, professor of education, was awarded the Cliff E. Laborde Sr. Endowed Professorship in Education. He will develop and field test an electronic mentoring project for new teachers in special education through the New Teacher Project at the University of California-Santa Cruz.

Angela Bordelon, assistant professor of nursing, received the Barbara M. Martin Endowed Professorship in Nursing. She will collect data on students who are unsuccessful in Medical Surgical Nursing 1 in correlation with students who are unsuccessful in Medical Surgical Nursing 2 or licensing exams. The results will be used to implement remediation at the lower level to improve retention and completion rates.

Tanya Melton, assistant professor of mathematics, will expand her research on nonlinear analysis and present the findings at professional conferences with assistance from the Roy and Vinita Martin Endowed Professorship in Math and Science. She also will include LSUA undergraduate students in research projects.

Dr. William Calbeck, professor of mathematics and a member of the faculty for 13 years, was awarded the Carolyn Cole Saunders Endowed Professorship. He wants to take students to math conferences, expand Math Club activities, develop a website for math majors and create a math tutoring lab.

Dr. Christof Stumpf, assistant professor of biology, received the Henry Dade Foote Family Endowed Professorship and will purchase software for classroom use, live laboratory insects and additional research supplies.

Missy Laborde, assistant professor of communication studies and a member of the faculty and administrative staff for 18 years, was awarded the Vinita Johnson Martin Endowed Professorship. She plans to develop the LSUA-TV project for internal communication on campus.