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English Professor Collins Presents, Publishes

Released: 02/03/2010

Dr. Richard Collins, professor of English and chairman of the Department of Arts, English and Humanities at LSU Alexandria, recently presented a paper on “Zen Cartoons” at the Modern Language Assn. in Philadelphia. The presentation, which was supported by a Title III professional development grant, explored teaching paradigms in ancient Chinese and Japanese, and modern cartoons.

Collins also examined Zen Buddhist concepts in an article published in “Religion and the Arts,” which is produced by Boston College. “Honoring the Form: Zen Moves in Charles Johnson’s ‘Oxherding Tale’” deals with Zen Buddhist thought in the African-American novelist’s postmodern slave narrative.

Six poems by Collins have been published in the special New Orleans issue of the online journal “Big Bridge.” This month also marks the publication of “Silver Threads: Twenty-Five Years of Fiction from Xavier (University) Review,” an anthology selected by Collins and two others. Collins edited “Xavier Review” for six years while he was a member of the university’s English faculty.